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On October 29th, board of trustees of French association for promoting of projects, Wikimédia France , a chapter of Wikimedia Foundation, has been partly renewed by its 303 members. One of the Actualités writer, conference speaker about Wiktionary and local contact of Lyon'group was candidate

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Thanks to the work done by the Wiktionary until now, it is possible in few minutes to generate a synonym dictionary from data already here. It has more entries than its two direct competitors but the number of relation is much lower, because it has not been build with this goal. That is

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Adjectif [ modifier ] parched \ˈpɑː(r)tʃt\ Sec , asséché . For centuries, much of farming has been legwork: walking down rows, through patches, going plant-by-plant to check for weeds, bugs, parched soil, any sign of distress . — (The Boston Globe, Agricultural drones may change

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official. Étamper . The mark of the engraver was stamped on the ring. Timbrer . The company has stamped the document with its logo. Tamponner . He stamped the tobacco into the pipe. Dérivés [ modifier le wikicode ] stamp out Nom commun [ modifier le wikicode ] Singulier Pluriel

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suit n’a pas réussi, n’a pas été utile ou s’est terminé de façon décevante. [3] He has spent 19 million pounds, lost three cup finals and been relegated. So much for money. Il a dépensé 19 million de livres, perdu trois finales, et été relégué. Tant pis pour l’argent

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Australian National University. The name covers the entire range of (Mg,Fe) 2 SiO 4 spinels, and has been approved by the Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names, International Mineralogical Association." Catégories  : français Lemmes en français Noms communs en français Minérau

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ˈpleɪtlɪt\ platelets \ˈpleɪtlɪts\ platelet \ˈpleɪtlɪt\ Plaquette . Resveratrol has been shown to induce apoptosis in platelets and smooth muscle . On a montré que le Resvératrol pouvait induire une apoptose des plaquettes et des cellules musculaires lisses. Our bodies

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Prononciation ? \ ( Droit ) Sentence arbitrale permettant de poursuivre un débiteur . There has been excussion against the principal debtor, who has no assets. The creditor is therefore proceeding against the surety. Catégories  : anglais Mots en anglais issus d’un mot en

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chiasmi \ Prononciation ? \ chiasmus ( Rhétorique ) Chiasme . The book of Habakkuk has been discovered to consist of a closely knit chaistic structure throughout. This is the first poem of such length to stand revealed as a literary unit of this kind, though chiasmus has already

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ˈdɪt.i\ ditties \ˈdɪt.iz\ ditty \ˈdɪt.i\ Chansonnette . The Acme mattress ditty has been stuck in my head all day. La chansonnette du matelas Acme m’a trotté dans la tête toute la journée. Dérivés [ modifier | modifier le wikicode ] ditty bag Prononciation

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