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Leather dyeing in Morocco (Detail of a picture proposed by Fbrandao.1963 as part of the December Photo challenge on traditionnal occupations.) Mentions and reuse of the Wiktionary The press has been interested in “ grossophobie ” [fat shaming], and not being able to find the definition

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Wikimedia Commons, the multimedia collection that feed the Wiktionary. Here, we have multiples pictures of a tornado taken at different time and then duplicated. Highlights Frédéric Landragin, researcher in linguistic at CNRS, author of Comment parler à un alien ? (How to talk with

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Automatiquement élaboré en images de synthèse à partir d’un scénario, voire d’un simple synopsis ou d’un pitch. Traductions [ modifier | modifier le wikicode ] Catégories  : français Locutions nominales en français Catégories cachées : Wiktionnaire:Ébauches

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Le verbe passer se conjugue avec l’auxiliaire être pour former les temps composés de la voix active quand il est employé intransitivement. Il se conjugue de façon normale, avec l’auxiliaire avoir , quand il est accompagné d’un complément d’objet. Le verbe peut être utilis

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promoted as being a "good entry." Illustrated dictionary: French Wiktionary now includes 26,543 pictures , an increase of 137 since last month. French Wiktionary includes 30,000 audio recordings, including 18,700 for French words. French Wiktionary has 455 pages of rhyme appendices

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This month, in tribute to Peter Mark Roget , we will focus on a part of the project that is not the dictionary but that progressively improves it : thesauri. This word designates two different objects : (lexicography) a list of words related to a concept, making it easier to talk aout

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lexicon Starting lexicon of triathlon in French ! Miscellanous There is 31.490 illustration pictures and videos) in Wiktionary entries, 225 added since last month. April 30th, French Wiktionary offer 267 thesauri in French . That's four new ones: astrology , library , sowing and

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20th of the month Update on stats based on the page made by Unsui. Update on the quantity of pictures in the project with a request on the dump. Illustration of the edition, with pictures picked in Featured pictures , Photo challenge , in a project (like Wiki Loves...) or in someone

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was elected as an admin on the 30th of June, 2016. He also added [$commons almost 5,000] [$photo pictures on Commons] before he went banned for a [$blague schoolboy joke]. He went through a WMF Global Ban , an opaque process which started with a denunciation and did not include the concerned

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The three definitions of populism converging towards the ocean of the people… Or perhaps simply three zebras. 158 votes in the Picture of the year competition 2017 for this picture by Alandmanson ! The rise of populism encourages the newspaper Le Monde to wonder about its meaning In