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Examples of modules and their uses in live demo in debug phase : Module:Central , Module:Central/Documentation , Module:Author3 Utilisateur:Rical/Victor_Hugo with tests. Normal mode example [ modifier ] {{#invoke:CentralTry | read }} TestCase for T135845 See the task T135845 testcase

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Voici une liste de liens vers d’autres sites où vous pourrez trouver des informations pour consulter ou acheter le livre, neuf ou d’occasion, portant l’ w:ISBN MAGICNUMBER . Sommaire 1 Conseils 2 Catalogues internationaux 3 Sites francophones non commerciaux 3.1 France 3

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Les gens semblent intéressés au Défi 5000... Voici ce que je propose pour la durée du défi pour la page d'accueil... Est-ce que cela convient à tous? Avez-vous des suggestions, des commentaires, peu importe? Utilisateur:Ernest-Mtl/tmp accueil -- Ernest-Mtl ( d ) 2 janvier 2019 à 16

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This page and its talk must be in a better place, where you can copy it (in one or some pages). Some related pages Draft documentation: wikisource:Central modules . Central libraries: wikisource:Module:Central . Simple example: wikisource:Module:CentralTry Full example: wikisource:Rical

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= 'Authority: Inquiry-based learning.', IMDb = 'IMDb', IMDb_descr = 'Authority: Internet Movie Database .', ISBN = 'ISBN', ISBN_descr = 'Authority: International Standard Book Number.', ISFDB = 'ISFDB', ISFDB_descr = 'Authority: Internet Speculative Fiction Database .', ISFDBid = 'ISFDBid'

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Following suggestions here and there, I'm testing the trick to upload ancient Equitation books to IA. Now, some from the most interesting and valuable ones are in French, so I'll report here my uploads, just to see if some of you is interested about. They are hard, difficult works; I know how

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requesting for a bot flag to perform the mass-job of updating proofreadpage status information in the database for pages in Page: namespace that were not edited recently. This is related to the page link colouring problem (discussed here ; a workaround is pending). However, according to discussion

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by Roberto Ierusalimschy, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, Waldemar Celes Copyright © 2011–2013 Lua.org, PUC-Rio. Freely available under the terms of the Lua license . contents · index · other versions 1 – name="1" [ modifier ] Lua is an extension programming language designed to

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