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languages combined. This list, updated daily by him from the automated interface, is kind of a roadmap of the contents that have most interested the contributors in the other projects, and that could therefore be the most important to create here. This is not the content most sought by the

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This month, the illustrations will highlight the campaign Photographiez les Outre-mer which took place between 1 and 31 August. This photograph of by Frédéric Ducarme shows a couple of clownfishes , in the Marine Natural Park of Mayotte . You can click on the image to see the whole picture

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Wikimedia Foundation organized a large survey in a way to determine ten task to include this 2018 roadmap . It was the fourth edition of this maelstrom of ideas. It brings raw suggestions, dreams and needs of the participants of all projects. No surprise though, none of Wiktionary-related propositions

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Page mensuelle des mots proposés en novembre 2015 . Page précédente : octobre 2015 — Page suivante : décembre 2015 — Modifier ce cadre Proposer un nouveau mot dans la page du mois en cours (août 2017) Sommaire 1 pb 2 ₶ 3 ohmiquité 4 probophobie 5 façon

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Leather dyeing in Morocco (Detail of a picture proposed by Fbrandao.1963 as part of the December Photo challenge on traditionnal occupations.) Mentions and reuse of the Wiktionary The press has been interested in “ grossophobie ” [fat shaming], and not being able to find the definition