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short, but English-speakers preferred Aeaea . Amongst these quirks, the worst of them, the word Œniadæ [e.nja.de]. It is the only known French word with both ligatures. This is strange, and due to the fact that the latin word was not Frenchified, which would have given « Œniades 

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Detail of a lapis lazuli pictured by Ra'ike . You can click on the picture to display it totally. Highlights Piece of an augelite in a quartz , taken by Carles Millan. As a joke of April 1st, the Républicain Lorrain announced that the platt language would become the

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Détail d’un lapis-lazuli photographié par Ra'ike . Vous pouvez cliquer sur l’image pour voir la photographie en entier ! Brèves Fragment d’ augelite dans du quartz photographié par Carles Millan. Comme blague du premier avril, le Républicain Lorrain a annonc